Nomination and Selection Process
for MABB Awards and Lectureships

The Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks is proud to honor individuals and organizations that have made a dramatic impact on the fields of Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapy.  In 2019, the MABB Board of Directors formalized the nomination and selection process for all awards and lectureships.

Nomination and Selection Process:

  • Nominations for awards and lectureships may be made by any current MABB member.
  • Nominations must be made in writing, emailed to, and include:
    • Name of the nominee, designation and affiliations
    • Nominator contact details
    • Brief (<500 words) rationale for nomination (achievements, impact of contributions to the field of Transfusion Medicine or Cellular Therapy, etc.
    • CV and/or additional nomination materials may be requested by the MABB Board of Directors. 
  • The MABB Board of Directors will evaluate candidates on their achievement(s) and overall contribution to and impact in the field of Transfusion Medicine or Cellular Therapy.
  • Selection of the Recipient will be made based solely on the merit of his or her scientific accomplishments without regard to race, gender, nationality, or religious or personal views.

Award Details:

Awards and lectureships are presented at the Annual Spring Seminar and consist of:

  • $500.00 cash award
  • Presentation of a plaque during the Spring Seminar
  • Winner’s profile featured in the Spring Seminar printed program and on the association’s website